Smart Choices with the Even Swaps Method

Version 1.0 (2004)

The Smart Choices and the Even Swaps methodologies used in the software are based on the book
Smart Choices - A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions
by J.S. Hammond, R.L. Keeney and H. Raiffa.

For more information of the software and the supporting approach, see the following publications:
J. Mustajoki and R.P. Hämäläinen (2005). A Preference Programming Approach to Make the Even Swaps Method Even Easier, Decision Analysis, 2(2), 110-123. pdf-file
J. Mustajoki and R.P. Hämäläinen (2006). Smart-Swaps - A decision support system for multicriteria decision analysis with the even swaps method, Submitted manuscript. pdf-file
For other related publications, see here.

Software design: Raimo P. Hämäläinen and Jyri Mustajoki
Programming: Pauli Alanaatu, Ville Karttunen, Arttu Arstila, Jyri Mustajoki and Juuso Nissinen.

Systems Analysis Laboratory
Aalto University, School of Science

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